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Chemical and physical treatment

Trattamento chimico e fisico

The modern plant allows the treatment of a wide range of organic and inorganic wastewater



Tanks to the volumetric reduction of this kind of solid waste, offering fiscal benefit.


sSelezione e cernita

Choice activity allows to optimize to the full the disposal costs valuing the fractions of recoverable waste

Volumetric reduction

Riduzione volumetrica

By waste compaction and reduction into bales of selected waste, it is possible to optimize logistic up to plants

Container recovery

Bonifica contenitori

A modern high pressure washing plant allows to the recovery plastic and metallic containers of volumetric included between twenty and thousand liters. This working line allows to recycle these containers intended for the plant waste management.

Waste storage


The vast space available allows to receive all types of waste, satisfying any time and quantitative need.

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